Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Malaysian View of....The Big Apple Part 2

The first day in New York city was like a fairytale. It is quite lame to be like this. But when you're like me, watching sitcoms repeatedly everyday of your life, and hear them say how great New York is and how great New York sounds, you tend to have that locked in your head and it makes you want to just live there and experience it just enough. The colours, the bridges, the skyscrapers. Home to of course many actors and Donald Trump. My favourite millionaire. Love his perspective in life and business.

And guess what, one of his.....BUILDING!

Day 1
We started our journey, like any other tourist would start theirs, head to the Empire State Building! Honestly speaking, i didn't know much about it. All i knew it was some big a** building in the middle of NY city, I knew it was featured in King Kong movies and we should come and look at it... =)

The queue was dreadful. It started from the Ground Level to the ticket counter through the corridors and lifts and at the top. Phew! We actually have to take a snapshot before we went up there. Don't actually know why. I guessed for security reasons?

When we were up there it was like a whirlwind tour around the top because we were in a hurry in a way. So we swiftly went around the top of the Empire State Building and quickly went back down. Here are some photos i manged to snap.

Probably Donald Trumps building. Sweeet!

After, we had a scrumptious lunch nearby. Pasta.

When we were done with satisfying our tummy with pasta in New York, we went visiting the lady of the city. The lady that looks upon the city and reminds Americans about the achievements they have made through peace and justice. Don't think she reminded them of that anymore. If you know what i mean. Here we are heading towards the boat that would take us to the Statue of Liberty.

The longest line ever I've seen.

This dude was playing some tunes on the side. Amazingly, he could play different countries' national anthem. When we got in front of him .... we took a shot.

Just looking around. At the sky. What is that. Snap.

Finally on the boat. The view.

Where is that lady?

The trip was really historic. You always see her in the movies. People talking about her how she has made a difference between the Americans and the French. Like my brother said, Lady Liberty looked clean and green.

No...i mean they really kept her clean and flawless actually. The shade of green they painted on her looked still intact. Ok. I don't really have that much thoughts about her. But it was a breathtaking sight.

Getting back to the mainland was fast. After that ride, there were actually people standing around dressed in the dress for picture taking. Any way possible to get some ka-ching! But with the spirit of a New Yorker.

The scenes of New York was so amazing. You just feel like you're actually on a set.

A falafel stall. Never will get it in Malaysia.

Below is a picture of where the big bucks in NY starts and ends. The New York Stock Exchange building on Wall St.

Walking around, i still sometimes needed to pinch myself to believe i was actually here. Everything seems familiar to me even though i never been to NY ever! Yes, this is because the tubes and screens.

I remember always pestering my dad to bring us here when we were younger but my dad always scrapped it out our list. Finally... our dearest mums and dads fulfilled our destiny.

Cheh... Lawak lawak...
Enjoy the pictures....

This is the foot locker that was is always at the background of TRL, MTV. Remember?

Behind those glass walls, TRL goes LIVE. Apparently they have recordings only on Weds & Thurs. We went to the MTV store on the Ground Floor on the left side and bought some merchandise.

Here's some beautiful snaps from the cruising and gawking. Fantastic lights and sounds. As it gets darker.

This is the all time view/angle/perspective of the Time Square for a LOT of movies. Just standing there was breathless. Just imagining all the stars that has been on the walkways for shoots. It was amazingly beautiful. Just to let you know i didn't alter anything from the picture. Its all NATURAL.

I HEART New York.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I need my pictures for New York

My New York Holiday story will be continued. Hmm... Started it halfway. As you can see the blog below. Probably the 2nd blog i've posted.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Melaka. Besides the History 2

The next day, we were actually like Indiana Jones looking for treasures in Melaka. As it is written...

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Ringo's a funny man. He is married. When we were asking him about her, he said 'I don't know her.' We were like... Ok..... This is him from the back. He's a bit shy. That's T -Bone. He was telling Ringo that he has the exact same car. Ringo was excited.

As we looked through his first space area of treasures we were astonished. There were so many stuff from that are centuries old that he kept. My jaw dropped.

From the first room area, right until the back of his house. He had jukeboxes, vinyl players, radios, microphones, telephones, bicycles, bags, sinks, chillers, ... and the list goes on.

Some metal poster like thingys. So Old School! Damn!

I got this lamp. Its REALLY from the 60s. (Below)

Anyways... I was looking at every little corner of the house. From his sink, his lounge chairs, his kitchen cabinets, his water pump, his bed. It was really going back into time. We figured he knows what he is doing and knows how much he can get out of all the things he has in his home.

Its so cool that he put his stove on a sewing table.

He even fixed and sold this Jukebox from the 70s. The guy is buying it for RM6k! Still working of course. But damn its freakin' nice.

T-Bone, one of the 'treasure hunter', wanted to buy this other Jukebox. But Ringo was so persistent on how he had no time and energy to fix it. He has a back ache. And he cant bend down that long. =) It was from the 50s. Its the cool ones you see in the diner in the olden shows like 'Grease'. Gosh.

I pre-booked a 2 set lounge chair. It was from the 60s says Ringo. I think it was actually his and he is just making money out of it. But i love it. Going to pick it up this mid October. It will be great looking in my new living room. =)

T-Bone bought this. It still works! Cute huh?

Was thinking of buying this set. But I thought it was going too overboard of making
my living room looking OLD SCHOOL.

This is the view from the top of Ringo's house.

At night....

...the party scene in Melaka was very chilled out. The bars were very lounge-y and homely. The people were friendly and surprisingly chatting with them, they seem to be very happy in Melaka.

They were studying and ended up working there. Everything worked out for them here. Noitchy fingers of wanting to be a KL-ite. Hmmm... Respectah!

Sometimes i too will feel like just getting out of the city and start a farm! I know it sounds lame but these couple of years it has been different kind of waves hitting me.

Will be coming back to Melaka, it was amazing to find the collectibles here and most of them are in mint condition! Will definitely find more treasures!

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